Why should we not bring a democracy

it seems like we are seeing the damaged that is being caused by this so called democracy. our brothers and sisters slayed before our eyes. today the world has changed a lot and most countries are at an inland war between political parties. the west who created this so called democracy disease has spread out widely and effected our muslim countries. now we have turned against each other. fighting among us for the right ruler which has separated lots of families and have made people violent. democracy is an incurable disease which when effected a person never wants to quite it nor their brains can rest easy. after watching the Egypt massacre i cried yes i did. it showed that this so called party system and democracy should not exist. it will kill us all. the Americans they will just watch over the news and say nothing. they knew that rather than invading lands this is the perfect plan to turn us against each other. yes and they have succeeded their democracy worked and now they have turned us against each other. dear brothers and sisters we should all pray for our brothers and sisters who are being brutally murdered in the name of democracy. we must learn a lesson from the videos of Egypt that this political parties will ruin our lives and turn us against each other. i pray my country would never see a day like Egypt did. so dear reader please think about it.

Judge not found guilty??

so it seems we have seen the level of corruption inside the court as well. if it was a lower level civilian they would have dragged his ass all over the place. but to these so called higher level people they think they don’t commit crime they can bail out any time from any case but by god on the day of judgment all will be equally judged by the mighty allah for their crimes. today they can eat and live doing what ever they want but they never know that there is a day coming for people like this.

Supreme court judge caught on tape

our so called judges and their bad side. are they above the law to do all these? dont they deserve justice like us poor people? m sure this case will be over soon without any further judgement because of the high corruption in maldives. this judge was caught on tape  having sex with a russian women in a hotel room.